Anatomy of a Perfect Social Media Post

All social media platforms today are flooded with content; much more content is being produced than can be digested. Every moment, a user faces an overwhelming diversity of information and is constantly making choices: what to pay attention to and what to ignore. So you need to provide users with a really good reason to choose your post over others! It will take some time, effort and creativity to present your content in the best possible way. Anatomy of a Perfect Social Media Post



1. Create an eye-catching headline A headline is like a door leading to your content. If it looks appealing, people will open it. If not, they’ll probably look for another door, especially when there are so many of them to choose from. So make sure your headline rocks! You can find some useful tips on writing headlines here.

2. Make a killer picture When you share a blog post or an article via Facebook, it automatically selects a picture from the article to create a featured image. And sometimes it’s not the best choice — the picture may be stretched, of poor quality or it simply may not perfectly illustrate the shared post. In this case, you can download an image to accompany the post. If you use an uploaded image or logo when sharing someone else’s post, always mention the source.

3. Promote your content As you probably know, Facebook has implemented a major update to its news feed, which dramatically increases competition in organic reach. So if you want guaranteed visibility in your fans’ news feeds, you will need to spend some money. You can promote your most valuable content with the Boost Post option by clicking the button in the lower right corner of your post.




1. Tag the author and source When sharing a piece of content, tagging the author is the way to give them proper credit and show respect. Besides, it is a good tactic to get noticed by these people and involve them in communication.

One trick to remember: when your tweet begins with @username, it will only come up in the feeds of those who follow both you and the person you mention. To make this tweet visible to all of your followers, put the period (.) before the mention: “.@username.”

2. Use pictures Twitter posts containing images get higher levels of engagement and receive more favorites and retweets that those without. This seems logical — when a user is looking through their news feed, their eyes scan dozens of tweets at any given moment, and embedded images grab their attention.

But don’t overdo it! If you use images in every tweet, it will be hard to make your post stand out when you really need it.

3. Say thank you Never forget to thank people, who share your content. It’s all about being polite — they’ve found the time to retweet your post, now it’s your turn to find the time to thank them. If you do not have the option to personally thank everyone, you can express your gratitude by “favoriting” his or her tweets.




1. Use fonts Google+ has a cool feature that makes it different from other social networks — the ability to add formatting to your texts. Without any doubt, this will make your content stand out from the rest! To enhance your post, add a distinguishable, bold headline and use the following formatting tricks to point out the most important statements:

2. Tag people You can mention people in your post by typing +username or @username.

First of all, tagged people will be notified and will potentially engage with your post. Secondly, tagging a person whose content you’ve just shared is good etiquette, and it helps to develop strong relationships with people whom you respect.

3. Write a description Instead of simply sharing a link, include a few sentences explaining why this information is interesting, and worth clicking and reading. You can comment on the topic, provide a brief summary or pose a question for discussion. Google+ allows you to craft long posts, so you don’t need to squeeze your thoughts into a 140-characters limit. Do not forget to include keywords and hashtags, if you want your content to be found easier.




1. Use hashtags Using hashtags is the best way to share your content with more people and get more attention. To connect with like-minded users, use relevant and specific hashtags instead of general ones. You can find some advice on effectively using hashtags in the article “How to Rock Hashtags (and Why You Should).”

2. Description matters! They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, as truthful this may be, a well-written description can add value to your post. Moreover, it will help people find your content through search engines, so make sure to use appropriate keywords.

3. Tag people and pages Posting an image is just the start! Motivate users or other brands to comment and share your images by tagging them using “@username.” Doing so will increase engagement, grow your audience, and attract more attention to what you’re posting.

What tricks do you use to getyour social media noticed? Let us know in the comments!


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